Spotlight: RuggON specializes in robust rugged mobile solutions that are highly competitive, with exceptional technical expertise.

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Company name: RuggON Corporation
Headquarters: NeiHu, Taipei
Signature Product: RuggOn Corporation
Website: https://www.ruggon.com/en/index.php

1. Where did your company name originate from?

RuggON was named after the phrase “always on rugged” to reflect a kind of determined and uncompromising attitude. 

2. What was the inspiration behind starting your company?

Seeing the growing demand of industrial rugged computers, establishing a brand that offers unique, innovative, and high-quality solutions with comprehensive local support immediately becomes a clear goal.

3. What is your signature product and how does it work?

Sturdy, durable Android rugged tablet and display are made for harsh environments. Perfectly integrated with any handheld devices, RuggON products also come with accurate fingerprint reader and 3D camera for police officers to conduct facial recognition and ID check.

4. Why do you believe your products are essential to the law enforcement community?

We understand the police’s need of compact and robust solutions that are with seamless communication technologies and long battery life to achieve utmost efficiency when they are out on duty. All of our solutions were developed with this mindset. Plus, our soon-to-release FirstNet compatible rugged tablet is designed to ensure uninterrupted real-time communication.

5. What has been the biggest challenge your company has faced?

The biggest challenge is to establish brand awareness among each specific vertical market (e.g. the public safety industry) with a focus on delivering the solutions they desire (e.g. rugged solutions capable of seamless communication and real-time response technology). To develop state-of-art real-time response (RTR) technology, RuggON leverages its parent company Ubiqconn’s R&D engineers who are with 30 plus year experience in radio frequency technologies to achieve RTR in any challenging environment.

6. What makes your company unique?

Customer needs always come first. It’s in our DNA when we design our products. That being said, our solutions are way beyond the expectation of mainstream market because of our comprehensive post-sale support and our ability to provide custom services through the help of our parent company, Ubiqconn, a leading ODM manufacturer with 30 plus year experience in the IPC industry.

7. What do your customers like best about you and our products?

We continue to bring in innovative and high-quality rugged solutions (including tablets, vehicle mount computers, and mobile data terminals) that tailor to customers’ needs at affordable costs.

8. What is the most rewarding part of serving the first responder community?

Receiving feedback no matter good or bad from customers in the first responder community always motivates us to deliver more advanced and high-end technologies to our customers.

9. What’s next for your company? Any upcoming new projects or initiatives?

We plan to launch FirstNet compatible rugged tablet no later than nextyear, and continue to utilize Android platform for our new rugged solutions. Our rugged monitor that can connect to Samsung smartphone and many other accessories and peripherals for first responders’ total in-vehicle applications is also scheduled for release next year.