Boy surprises Tenn. LEO with random act of kindness

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SMYRNA, Tenn. — A Tennessee police officer praised a young boy and his mother online for spreading love in his community after they surprised him with a random act of kindness.

In a post on Facebook, Smyrna Patrol Officer Zach Little wrote he had finished helping with a long funeral procession in the rain Sunday when he was approached by a young boy, identified only as ‘Levi,’ with a letter in hand.

“I just got soaked to the bone and (was) feeling bad for the family lost two members in this funeral,” Little wrote. “(Levi) hopped out of this car and ran me an envelope and said to me, ‘Thank you for your service sir,’ as he ran back to his mother’s car in the pouring rain.”

Before they could drive away, Little approached their vehicle and asked why he had been given the note. Little wrote, “She simpl(y) replies it’s an act of kindness and please be safe as they pulled away,”

The note, addressed to either an officer or deputy, was a note of thanks along with a $1 bill.

Addressed to either an officer or deputy, Levi wrote, “To me you are the bravest men and women I ever knew and due to the hate and harassment you all may get and have some low spirits do to that. … So because your my number 1, I wanted to give you this.”

Little wrote that, while small, the gesture “made my day.” He told PEOPLE that the letter was “heartwarming.”

“I was having a difficult day and this really lifted my spirits,” he explains, adding that if he could speak to Levi and his mother today, he would thank them for their generosity and tell them, “Always continue to love your neighbor.”